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Document Initial Release at 2020-11-03

Document Updated at 2021-05-09

As 2020, we are talking about cloud hosting, static hosting instead of ordinary hosting types such as dedicated, VPS/VDS or shared hosting. We do aim to find out all kinds of free hosting which may help you to serve your website freely.

Static Free Hosting

If you are planning to serve fixed content, these are right choice for you. There are plenty of providers around:

  • Netlify

    You may have unlimited websites with monthly 100GB Bandwidth totally free! Also Netlify Starter Plan (free) includes; 125k per site / month Serverless Functions Invocations, 100 per site / month Forms Submissions, 1k per site / month Identity (Active Users) and 2.5k per site / month Large Media Transformations. Details can be accessed via

  • Vercel ( Nextjs )

    Vercel platform uses Nextjs to serve static websites which based on Reactjs. Vercel also free available for anyone with 100GB Bandwidth and also they provide Serverless Function Execution up to 100GB-Hrs to their users.

  • Amaozn S3

    AWS is huge, we can serve our static website over AWS in two ways. First way is using Amazon S3. There is very good detailed article at Amazon There is also another way with AWS Amplify. Amplify has free plan with 5GB storage with 15GB bandwidth monthly. Please read more at Amazon Host Static Website and also Amplify

  • Cloudflare Pages

    Cloudflare one of the most used web inftrastructure and security company that provides DDoS and CDN services. Cloudflare recently started static web site hosting as well as workers to execute functions like Amazon AWS. Cloudflare pages are free within limits, also directly pulls from Github, builds and publishes. Also it does support custom domain names.

  • Surge

    Surge is totally free static website serving platform, there are no publishing limits and also you may use your own domain with

  • Render

    Render launched at 2019 with not only static hosting, but also managed database, node, python and many other options. You can always create static site freely via Github or Gitlab. Render has also 100GB Bandiwdth limit, however custom domains, SSL, and HTTP/2 is supported.

  • Github Pages

    Github also has great solution to serve static pages, Github Pages reads your public repository and serves as subdomain, also you can CNAME your custom domain to Github Pages page. There is 1GB size and 100GB Bandwidth limit, however as we all know Github is rock-solid.

  • Firebase

    It is Google, you knew it. Google Cloud has almost every service with a free plan. Firebase also have a free plan called 'Spark Plan', which includes Authtentication (10k/month), Cloud Firestore (1GB) and Cloud Functions (125k Invocations/month) also Free Hosting of 10GB but there is 360MB/day transfer limit. You may use custom domain and SSL. It is totally free to test and start your cloud journal. Just take a look

Shared Free Hosting

  • Oracle Cloud : Oracle Cloud provides "Always Free" Tier for everyone with 2 x 1 CPU 1 GB Ram 50GB Compute ( Virtual Machine ) and 20GB Oracle Database. As Oracle will not charge of these 2 Free Virtual Machines and Oracle Database, its very impressive offer from Oracle. With good setup these virtual machines can handle small mid websites / web applications. ​
  • 1 Website with 300MB Disk Space and 3GB Bandwidth
  • 1 Website with 10GB Disk Space, Unmetered bandwidth, 1 MySQL Database, 1 E-mail Accounts
  • 5 Websites with 250MB Disk Space, 6GB Bandwidth, 1 MySQL Databases, 3 E-mail Accounts
  • Unlimited Disk Space, Unlimited Bandwidth with 400 MySQL databases. PHP 5.x and 7.4 support with Free SSL, DNS, Subdomains. Also around 400 applications ready to deploy!
  • 1 Website with 3 subdomains, 1GB Disk Space, 5GB Bandwidth and 1 MySQL Database
  • 1 Website with subdomain included, 1GB Disk Space
  • 1 Website with 1.5GB Disk Space, Unlimited Bandwidth with PHP 7.1 and MySQL Databases (MariaDB 10.2). Daily/Weekly Backups.
  • Unlimited Websites, subdomain included, 5GB Disk Space, Unlimited Bandwidth, MySQL Databases, PHP 7 support, 5 email addresses
  • x10hosting: Unlimited Bandwidth ad Unlimited Disk Space, PHP and MySQL Databases.
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